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High Tensile Tools
Fence Wire Cutters (24-909) Fence Wire Cutters
Spring loaded fence wire cutters with handles that lock closed for easy carrying. Use to cut 2.5mm high tensile wire.
PN: 24-909
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Gripple Torque Tensioning Tool (24-808) Gripple Torque Tensioning Tool
Use with Gripple joiners to tension high tensile fence wire.
PN: 24-808
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Donald Donald's Wizard Wire Stretcher
Donald's Wizard wire stretcher for use with barbed and high tensile wire. Can be used with Donald's Clamp and Bar.
PN: 24-806
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Gripple Contractor Tool (18-150) Gripple Contractor Tool
The all metal Gripple Contractor tool is strong, robust and built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Using minimum effort, each line wire can be tensioned with ease.
PN: 18-150
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